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Under the Pickle Tree

Timeless recipes made with a fresh modern twist

Under the Pickle Tree offers a distinctive range of curry pastes, marinades, relishes and pickles. Made mostly with Victorian produce, these recipes use traditional cooking methods but with a unique Asian twist. 

Business proprietor Kelly Meredith was lucky enough to inherit some of her grandmothers’ recipes from the 1930s that she spiced up!  Other recipes – such as her Lemongrass Paste and Asian Apple Sauce – are new creations, inspired by her time living and working in Thailand and Vietnam ..

Under the Pickle Tree products are made in small batches in a home-registered kitchen in Panton Hill , Victoria .  All of the vegetables are hand-chopped making each jar unique. Most of the product range is gluten free, low in fat and preservative free.

Ingredients for Under the Pickle Tree’s relishes and pickles are purchased in season with produce from Victorian farmers, home vegetable plots, or from Victorian greengrocers.  Apples and pears come from Apted’s Orchard in Strathewen and tomatoes, from Rich River Farm, near Echuca.    

Under the Pickle Tree’s curry pastes are a flavour sensation – because they are never more than six months old when you purchase them.  The pickles and relishes are so tasty that just a small amount will transform an ordinary meal into something memorable!

The Under the Pickle Tree product range includes a Ploughman’s Pickle, Spicy Tomato Relish, Pickled Cucumbers, an Asian Apple Sauce, Goan Masala Curry Paste, Lemongrass Paste, a Red Curry Paste and a Yellow Curry Paste.

Visit proprietor Kelly Meredith at the Hurstbridge Farmers Market on the first Sunday of each month or the Fairfield Farmers Market on the third Saturday of each month for a free tasting.  Kelly is always sharing recipe ideas for her products that will inspire you to eat food that not only tastes amazing but is healthy! 


healthful tumeric with anti-cancer properties
Our spices are carefully sourced to be the freshest and highest quality and our garlic is hand ground
©The Pickle Tree 2011 Timeless recipes made with hand ground spices and a fresh modern twist