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Our History

Under the Pickle Tree began with two women’s simple desire to live and work locally.

Sarah McLeish and Kelly Meredith were looking for a better way to balance careers and their families. Their shared love of delicious food and over-abundant vegetable gardens in the summer of 2010 saw them busy preserving to prevent waste.

An idea dawned that their region in semi rural Nillumbik Shire lacked its own food label. A chance sighting of a notice at Smiths Gully Store that offered council assistance for new businesses gave the pair the impetus to found a local preserving company.

Under the Pickle Tree was born – its label inspired by one of their children, who drew a tree in oil pastels for their first batch of product.

Produce and Suppliers

Under the Pickle Tree works with home gardeners, local farms and primary producers to source the freshest fruit and vegetables from each year’s harvest.

Our company ethos is to use good food that will otherwise go to waste as oversupply or out of season crops. We actively source usable produce that has small blemishes or is frost or flood damaged and has been rejected by wholesalers or supermarkets as unsaleable.

Finally, Under the Pickle Tree is a keen advocate of local community and local business. We prefer to select recipes and ingredients that reflect the seasonal availability in our local area and to demonstrate the usability of foods in our own backyards.

If you are interested in supplying produce to Under the Pickle Tree we would love to hear from you. Please go to the Contact Us section of the website and either telephone us directly or email.


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